Harmony Sphere

Harmony Sphere

A unique experience within yourself!

It is with great pleasure that we are launching the first well-being sphere that instills harmony.

Wrapped in a sphere, you’ll settle into an armchair that contains chakra-aligning lamps.

You’ll enjoy video programmes as well as meditative music.

Chakras are energy centres that we all have in our bodies and which interact with our physical, mental,

emotional, and spiritual bodies.

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How does a session work?

The sessions last 21 minutes and will be free until mid-June in exchange for your feedback and impressions and in response to a few questions!

You can choose the programme according to different themes which will guide your session. 

From July, 

we are also putting in place a self-management system that explains the concept through a tablet,

lets you create a payment method, choose the desired programme, and that automatically accesses and launches the chosen programme.

The price will be €21 for 21 minutes in the sphere

The session is individual

21 minutes of chakra alignment including 3 minutes of video projection according to the chosen chakras, and 18 minutes of meditative relaxation.

We wish to create an inner experience so that each person becomes aware of their own energies.

It is essentially an auto-alignment where your own chakras come to resonate with the lamp installed in the seat.

Through working on your own electromagnetic field, you will enhance your vibrational frequency and thereby enhance the frequency of everyone you meet.

Be connected to your own energy centres and unleash your full potential!

Why chakras?

Because you have extraordinary powers inside YOU! Your energy centres!

Your first energy centre is the Muladhara chakra and acts on: instinct, rootedness, life force, courage, the connection to mother earth, 

prosperity, self-confidence, safety, anchoring, stability, and the connection to the body

Stay safe!


Your second energy centre is the Swadhisthana chakra and acts on: self-respect, creativity, comfort, and adapting to change.

It is the seat of the urge to procreate, and when balanced it brings stability, vitality, well-being and joy, self-actualisation, happiness and pleasure in life, warmth and prosperity

Feel and experience!


Your third energy centre is the Manipura chakra and is the seat of personality and self-image, and when aligned it brings clarity, self-love, confidence, willpower, power, ambition, integrity, courage, independence, and blessed joy

Be part of the action!


Your fourth energy centre is the heart chakra, Anatha chakra,

which is the seat of love, altruism, compassion, peace, gratitude, generosity, sincerity, grace, 

honesty, and responsibility

Love yourself !


Your fifth energy centre is the throat chakra, Vishuddha chakra.

It is our energy centre for speech, expression, communication, for the expansion

or artistic talents, of imagination, of eloquence. It is the language chakra, it enables you to be a good orator

and to express yourself

Express yourself as only you can!


Your sixth energy centre is the frontal chakra– the third eye

It is the chakra for our intuition, perception, and inner divinity, it is the seat of spirituality, of our inner certainties, of our imagination

It balances rational and intuitive thoughts, your reflections, your clairvoyance, it is the seat of judgement, of visions, of the overall picture, of concentration, of memory, of self-understanding, of higher consciousness, and of the sixth sense 

See and perceive!


Your seventh energy centre is the crown chakra -Sahasrara Chakra

It enables clarification, faith, tranquility, connection, wisdom, cosmic consciousness, it instills feelings of unity, divinity, the realisation of the soul, it connects you to your values, your wonderment, to your higher self. It allows wholeness and to be bound to the heavens

Be aware of your understanding!


Vibrational frequency?

We are energy, it is one of our natural components.

Energy moves in waves. These have a range of amplitude and frequency. 

A ratio of intensity and speed. 

Our energy centres, also called chakras, have their own waves and frequencies!

The frequency of our vibration changes depending on different factors in past and present experiences, and on encounters and elements in our daily lives.

These vibrations evolve depending on different perceptions of our bodies, senses, emotions, and thoughts.

The earth is also in resonance.

Walter Russell once said: “To know the mechanics of the wave is to know the entire secret of Nature.”

The goal is to elevate individual consciousness and thus to improve the collective consciousness!

All you have to do is share your comments, feelings, and experiences.

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