How do you connect yourself to the great WHOLE through the crown chakra? Sahasrara is the chakra for clarification, faith, tranquility, and your deepest connection. It is the link with wisdom and consciousness

Sahasrara is the chakra for clarification, faith, tranquility, and your deepest connection. It is connected with wisdom and cosmic consciousness.


Located at the top of the head, it acts as an energy portal.

To access it, it is often necessary to have opened all the other chakras and to accept our dualities as well as our grey areas.

Be detached from the world, from the material. 

The coronal chakra inspires wonderin all that surrounds us.

It brings a feeling of unity, of divinity, and of realisation of the soul.

Its colour is mauve. It is represented by the lotus flower with a thousand petals symbolising infinity, the field of the possible, harmony with the cosmos.

The crown chakra creates this connection between the whole universe and your connection as an embodied being.

Sahasrara is a mystic energy centre that links your individual consciousness to the collective consciousness.

When open, you become more conscientious, you feel a sense of unityand of absolute well-being. You have confidence. You are profoundly certain that all is fair and perfect. That everything happens at the right time. That order is present, even in the disorder of life.

Feel a deep state of bliss and ecstasy.

Be connected to your inner divinity. Understand and feel the divine within yourself.

Be connected to your souland its eternal nature.

Be a part of mystic consciousness, profound understanding, and absolute truth!

Attain the nirvanadescribed by the Buddhists.

Reach illuminationand the complete awakening of your Kundalini.

Being in the violet flame enables transmutation and healing.

When the crown chakra is not in balance, you can experience the following blockages:

Absence of an existential goal, disarray, extreme rationalism, loss of consciousness, difficulty overcoming grief, solitude, questioning life, what it is for, why we exist. Depressive state, no spiritual life, inner void, extreme pursuit of materialism, egocentrism, disconnection, being caught up in the illusions of this world, adhering to extremism, having a dark night of the soul...

How can you meditate to open this chakra?  

Imagine yourself on top of a mountain and that a magnificent sunset is bathing you in a gorgeous mauve.

Your gaze is drawn to an infinite landscape. 

Bring your attention to the top of your head.

Breathe deeply for a few moments.

Calm your mind.

Feel white or violet light flood you through the crown chakra. 

Breathe deeply and connect yourself to wisdom.

Free yourself of all the beliefs you’ve received from your parents, from your teachers, in order to discover your own beliefs.

Your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body are all ONE.

Feel this perfect harmony all around you.

Feel how everything is connected.

Perceive this light at the top of your head and rediscover your unity, your inner divinity.

Fulfil your soul, your higher self.

Live with love.

With infinite love.

The crown chakra can also be stimulated by the following: 

By wearing mauve, violet, or white clothes.

By carrying an amethyst in your pocket or as a jewel.

Feel the wonder of what is around you, of the beauty of nature, of flowers, of animals...

Connect with your inner divinity.

Connect with the centre of the earth and let the energy flow freely from the earth to your heart and to the top of your head.


Do you need help balancing your crown chakra?