Love is the most powerful energy! Learn how to align your heart chakra and live with love.

Heart chakra – Anahata chakra – YAM mantra – Air element


The chakra of the heart is located along the spinal column in the chest cavity. It is the central chakra, connected to the heart and to the thymus*, to blood pressure, to the respiratory and immune systems.

Theheart chakra is the fourth of your seven chakrasIn this article, PlusHarmony, your well-being space in Waterloo specialising in chakra treatments, will teach you the Power of Love and how to balance your heart chakra. 

The heart chakra, also called “Anahata” in Sanskrit, links the lower chakras: root, sacral, and solar plexus, to the upper chakras: throat, third eye, and crown at the top of the head.

The heart is the meeting place between the body and the mind, between matter and energy, above and below, the seen and the unseen. 

Located in the centre of the chest, this heart of energy balances body and mind. 

The most beautiful and most powerful of energies is known to everyone: “Love”.

Love for yourself, for others, altruism, sharing, compassion, forgiveness, generosity, gratitude...

It is through loving yourself that you can completely love others.

By listening to your body, your deepest being, and cultivating love for yourself and for what the body feels, you achieve peace with your heart.

The heart chakra also soothes sadness and all the accumulated grief in your life.


If your heart chakra is knotted, this is how you may feel:

Difficulty feeling love, accepting yourself as you are, and loving yourself.

You feel vulnerable. You are likely to take care of your needs only after those of others and to forget yourself.

You have an excessive need to feel loved.

It is essential for you to be loved in return, and that people tell you so, and prove it to you.

You feel a profound sadness.

You feel betrayed, abused, abandoned, rejected, or persecuted.

This leads you to withdraw into yourself to avoid further suffering and to avoid still feeling these injuries to the heart and the soul.

It is through withdrawing into yourself that the heart chakra becomes blocked.


So how do we open this magnificent heart chakra?

Breathe deeply while opening up your chest.

Feel your heart and reconnect to your interior.

Love yourself as you are and feel this self-love, compassion, and tenderness, as if you were looking at a child.


Trust yourself!

Enjoy your victories, even the little ones, and congratulate yourself! Encourage yourself! Compliment yourself!

Take things as they come.

Be gentle and kind with yourself, just as you would with your best friend. 

Look at yourself in the mirror with love and smile at yourself.

You can also eat green foods in the knowledge that the colour green is energy and nourishes your heart chakra.

By wearing green clothes, you’re surrounding yourself with the strength of the green chakra.

It is the same when you go for a walk in green spaces like a forest, a park, or the countryside. Feel this lovely energy all around you. Welcome it and let it dwell in you.  


Be aware and be full of gratitude for what you have, for what you experience.

“I am thankful for my good health, for a roof over my head to protect me from the rain, because I’ve eaten well, because I’ve smiled today, I’m thankful for the friend who is always there, thankful because I’m learning to love myself, to open myself up, and to trust myself”.

 Be sympathetic and generous without expecting the same in return.

Be aware of your heart’s wounds and comfort yourself like you would a child. Reassure yourself with gentleness and kindness.


You are the most important person in your life.

Charity begins at home!

Love yourself, respect yourself, and open your heart up to life!

Rid yourself of your suffering in full awareness. Help yourself through rituals such as writing a letter then burning it, drawing a stick man, taking a cleansing bath, burning some sage...


You will stop being a victim and become the change you wish to see in your life.

Rise above. Look at your life as if it were a big puzzle or a theatre play. Everyone has their own role and their own reality. 

Your life is constantly evolving. You are change. 

Become the actor in YOUR life and nourish yourself with past experiences. 

The other person, who hurt you or supported you, was part of your life, and belongs to what you experienced, to what you have become. We are all connected. The other is a part of you. 

Love yourself unconditionally, and do the same for others, for the world, for the entire universe. 

The heart chakra in practice?

Make the Mi soundvibrate.

In yoga, practice the Ustrasana (the camel), Dhanurasana (the arch) et Chakrasana (the wheel) postures.

Repeat mantrassuch as the famous Hawaiian one: “I love you, please forgive you, I'm sorry, thank you”, which comes to us from Hawaiian wisdom.

Or even: “I accept myself and love myself with all my heart. I deserve to be loved and I forgive all those who have hurt me”.

Or meditate on the heart chakra.

Breathe deeply.

Feel the air going into your lungs and in your chest cavity

Imagine that you are surrounded by a bubble of green light.

Breathe while feeling your chest open up

Place your hands on your heart chakra and feel self-love.  

Imagine a soft green light illuminating you from the inside.

Accept yourself as you are.

Your heart is light.

You have the fortune of being unique.

Fill your heart with love for yourself.

Feel love with grace and balance.

Feel this perfect balance between giving and receiving.

With each breath, you inhale and exhale a green light.

It is a light of love which inhabits your body and your heart more and more.

This love heals all wounds.

Love brings peace and harmony.


*The thymus is a primary lymphoidorgan, which means that it participates in the maturing of immune cells, the lymphocytesT.


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