How can you express the best of yourself ? The throat chakra is a blue coloured energy centre that shines, as its name suggests, at the level of your throat.

The throat chakra is the fifth of your seven chakras. In this article, PlusHarmony, your well-being space in Waterloo specialising in chakra treatments, will teach you how to express the very best of yourself.


Vishuddha is the chakra of truth. The expression of your thoughts in relation to the expression of who you are.

In balance, the throat chakra promotes good communication between the heart and the mind.Your speech is thus true and honest. 

Listen to the speech of others. Their words are sometimes messages the universe is sending you.

The words that you hear on the radio, or from a friend, or at a conference open you up to a new understanding of things, to another point of view, to a different vision of the world.

Through the throat chakra, you express what you feel, who you are.You speak according to what seems true to you. You express YOUR truth.

Speech and words have incredible strength and power.

As the Four Agreements advises us: « Be impeccable with your word ».

It is also the chakra for artistic communication, creativity, and self-expansion. The channel of your inner self is unleashed through your creativity, your convictions, and your emotions.

When the throat chakra is not in balance, what kinds of blockage can we feel?

Difficulty expressing yourself, being mired in false truths and pretences, keeping quiet and not daring to speak or express yourself, lying, not speaking up, stress, deafness, issues with food, a lack of creativity, constantly screaming and crying, keeping secrets, great shyness, losing your voice... 

The imbalance can also express itself in the opposite direction: talking too much, forcefully monopolising conversation, exaggerating your stories to get others’ attention, gossiping, talking about others too much, mocking them, stuttering, having lumps in your throat, being arrogant, not knowing how to listen, constantly interrupting others, empty rhetoric...

How can you open your throat chakra?

Hold yourself perfectly upright, with a straight line going from your feet, through your neck, to the top of your head.

Stretch your neck like a giraffe.

Breathe deeply and feel the air passing through your throat.

Wherever you put your attention, you put your energy, so put your energy in your throat and breathe in deeply several times.

Feel where your throat chakra is located, feel its vibration.

The closed mouth produces sounds with the back of the throat.

Emit positive vibrations for yourself and for others.

Words carry vibrations that resonate with us.

Feel your tongue and the back of your throat at the same time!

Feel the space around your throat, in front of it, behind and beside it.

Expand your throat and release all the tension with each exhalation.

Visualise the colour turquoise like a sphere of light that surrounds you and whose centre is in your throat.

Put all of your attention and your energy in your throat.

Inhale and exhale with purpose.

Inhale and exhale with the intention of purifying and cleansing this chakra.

Breathe alternately through your nose and your throat.

Stick your tongue out.

Gargle with water and make sounds

Sing or make sounds!

Speak while connected to your heart, speak with love, peace, and altruism.

Be authentic and true with yourself and with others.

Speak good of yourself.

Speak good of others.

Avoid gossip.

Dare to say NO!


Sing and make your vocal cords vibrate.

Take the time to think before responding to someone.

Express yourself simply and from the heart.

Be yourself.

Express on the outside what you feel on the inside. 

Live in truth and in the expression of who you are.

Listen to the echo of your words.

Listen to silence.

Express yourself with love!

Express your truth to the world, without false truths, without worrying about what others will think of you.

Be yourself, because no one else can do it for you.

Say your name out loud and listen to the vibration it emits.

Be harmonious with your word.

Express your values. 

Turn your head right, left, tilt it down and up, and draw big imaginary circles with it.

Roll your shoulders backwards and forwards.

Relax the whole neck region.

Express what you’ve never been able to express verbally. If it’s too trying, take a break and take the time to write a letter. Then burn it with sage to free the blockages created by this lack of communication.

Free your body of hurtful words that you’ve heard and held onto.

Purify yourself.

Look at the blue sky or the turquoise sea and breathe through your throat. (If you can’t get there easily, a mental picture will do).

Surround yourself with blue, wear blue clothes, a scarf, a shawl.

Create your own mantras and repeat words that are good for you every day.

I speak with love.

I am in my own truth.

I express myself with all my being.

My word is gold.

My words are fair and etched with peace.


Listen to sacred songs then sing them yourself.


Eat blue coloured food such as bilberries, prunes, grapes, figs, and feel each bite pass through your throat as you eat. 


Words unleash a vibrational energy that is transmitted to the person listening to us.

Speak sympathetically

Listen to yourself speaking, listen to your breathing, listen to the voice of your “mentality” (your mind), comfort it and listen to the call of your soul.

Express your being as beautifully as you can!


Do you need help balancing your throat chakra?