How do you align your solar plexus chakra to shine like the summer sun? Once aligned, it brings light, joy, and love.

Solar plexus chakra – Manipura chakra – RAM mantra – Fire element


The solar plexus chakra is a significant energy centrethat runs the length of our spinal column and shines yellow. In this article, PlusHarmony, your well-being space in Waterloo specialising in chakra treatments, will teach you about their strength and their majesty.  

The solar plexus chakra, also called MANIPURA, is located in the centre of the body, just below the chest cavity. 

Its physical functions are the liver, the spleen, the stomach, the pancreas, and the small intestine.

In the middle of the digestive system, it transforms matter into energy.

When it is well balanced, this energy becomes light, joy, self-love, determination, ambition, and enthusiasm...

It is the self turning towards the outside world and towards others. Like the shining sun whose rays caress the leaves of a tree, a cat stretching out in the sun, or a friend sitting opposite you.

It is our relationship with the ego.

The aligned solar plexus chakra enables us to break out of the drama triangle wherein we play the role of victim, executioner, or saviour.

I want to be me. Just me and not me in a power game or a game where I have to drain someone else’s powers.

This chakra is the home of personality, self-image, of self-esteem.

I am and I love myself. Just as I am.


WHEN THE SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA IS DISTURBED, it is your relationships with others that is out of balance. It can work in both directions. Are you too mousy and always apologising for yourself, afraid to give your opinion?  Do you feel transparent? Do you lack energy, enthusiasm, and are you prone to inaction?

Acting in exactly the opposite way is also a malfunction of the solar plexus chakra. You’re always putting yourself forward, everything is always about you, you interrupt others when they talk, you exaggerate and are happy to take the spotlight.



Breathe and feel your breath, your energy flowing at the centre of your body, at the solar plexus.

Imagine a ball of fire that symbolises all of the strength that you have inside you.

This point of light is a sun that burns with a thousand fires.

Let it grow and give off all the light it has to give.

It illuminates you from the inside and shines on the outside.

Make peace with your personality, rediscover your confidence and your willpower.

Create a fair and balanced connection to others.

Ponder the perfect beauty of nature and the light that surrounds you.

We form a whole. We are One.We are unique vibrations.

Vibrations of love and light.

Imagine that a bubble of light encloses you. 

Feel the softness of this envelopment and the heat of the light.

Breathe right to the heart of your solar plexus chakra and reconnect to your ambitions, your dreams, your desires, and your energy.

Shine with all your being. This inner light expresses itself on the outside.

I am a sun. I shine and give the best of myself to others.

In perfect balance. Respecting myself and others. Just as they are and as I AM.

To remind yourself of the majesty of this light that lives within you, eat foods bursting with solar energy such as lemons, bananas, yellow peppers...

Breathe in the energy of sunbeams and send them out again.

Vibrate to the rhythm of the Mi sound and the RAM mantra.

My solar plexus chakra is light, I am, I shine, and it shows.


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