Sacral chakra, the second energy centre, Svadhishthana chakra The sacral chakra is the second of your seven chakras

Second chakra, sacral chakra your space for chakra alignment in Waterloo, PlusHarmony unveils its secrets to you.


The sacral chakra (also called the sacred chakra) is an energy centre located along the spinal column, below the navel,and linked to the reproductive organs.

It is the home of the SELF, the essence of who we are. It is the womb of your life!

The relationship of our self-image and the world around us. 

Make yourself respected and take pleasure in life! 

Put a stop to guilt!

Shaped all throughout our lives, our self-image is created according to the conditioning and beliefs that we’ve received from our parents, our teachers, our culture, and our religions. If people have been telling you all your life that you are a loser, for example, you will have internalised this as being part of your identity but it is not the reality of what you are.

It also revives our emotions as it is a waterelement.

As our bodies are essentially made of water, the power of intention that we have over our own organism is extraordinary!

Here is a report on the amazing study by Maseru Emotoon the memory of water!

We do indeed have power over the water in our bodies thanks to our creative intentions and how our mind affects our emotional state.

Learn to manage your emotions, listen to your inner self and let this energy flow freely.

This chakra also affects our creativity and imagination.

It enables us to carry out our intentions. 

Everything is energy and vibrations. Your positive intentions lead to positive situations and vice versa

Just like a boomerang, you receive the vibration that you send out.

Keep watch over your thoughts and beliefs.

Create a wonderful self-image by transforming your limiting beliefs.

You can encounter the following kinds of blockages:

A lack of creativity, strong emotions, guilt, sexual problems, weak libido, fear of change, feeling your personal space invaded, crippling shyness, fear of not being accepted, rejection of others, overactivity, too much attachment...


How to open this chakra and how to cleanse it :

Find your own personal paths to align your sacral chakra

There are a number of small actions to taketo open your Swadhisthana chakra. You can combine them. Create your own ritualto get back to the source of your being and vanquish all potential feelings of guilt:

  • Breathe while feeling this centre of energy in your chest.
  • Inflate your chest as much as possible again and again.
  • Bring your attention to your hips and pelvis and let go of all the heaviness and feelings of guilt that have gathered in your life.
  • Discover the purity of this energy centre, the purity of this light and of this force that lives inside you!
  • This strength that brings self-respect, creativity, the adaptation to change
  • This chakra is also the seat of procreation.
  • Breathe and rediscover cheerfulness, balance, and the accomplishment of who you are.
  • Feel the light emerging from your pelvis.
  • Feel lighter with each breath!
  • Surround yourself with the colour orange, in nature, in what you wear, in what you eat...
  • Listen to water; go to a lake, the sea, listen to the rain
  • Develop your creativity, play a musical instrument, draw, paint...
  • Vibration of the RE sound
  • Feel what is right for you
  • Baddha-Konasana, Kalikasan, Setu-bandhasana yoga poses

Take charge of your life by aligning your second energy centre

It is only you who can take responsibility for your lifeand take back the power of your own existenceBy opening your sacral chakra , you are giving birth to yourself.

Do your best every day!

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