AJNA, the third eye chakra, connects you to your intuitions. The third eye chakra is the sixth of your seven chakras.

In this article, PlusHarmony, your well-being space in Waterloo specialising in chakra treatments, will teach you how to tap into your intuition and follow your sixth sense. 


Ajna, the third eye, is the door which allows you to access your intuitions and your sixth sense.

Situated between the two eyes, the third eye chakra is like an eyelid that we open between the two eyes.

Beyond the illusions of this world, Ajna touches on an infinite vibrational field.

It is physically in connection with every part of our head: eyes, ears, brain, the frontal lobe, the pineal gland, and all of our neurotransmitter connections.

It is where our consciousness opens up, the point of balance between the right hemisphere (creativity) and the left hemisphere (logic)

The third eye chakra balances our rational and intuitive thoughts, our reflections, our clairvoyance. It enables us to have an overall view of reality.

When it is well balanced, it brings us the inner certainty of knowing exactly where to go, what to do, which direction to take.

This chakra allows us to be connected to our deepest being in line with our inner wisdom.

The Anja chakra regulates our thoughts, concentration, memory, and our connection with the divine.

The third eye chakra is also connected to our dreams and enables creativity and inspiration.

It allows us to open up our field of consciousness.

What kinds of blockages can you feel ?

Intrusive thoughts, headaches, vertigo, epilepsy, mental illnesses, lack of creativity, lack of inspiration, lack of judgement, memory loss, lack of concentration, difficulty planning for the future, obsessions, confinement in an intellectual world, being permanently negative, being clouded in darkness, insomnia, mental confusion, shortsightedness, difficulty visualising certain things, excessive superstitions, hallucinations...

How can you open this chakra?

Learn more about yourself and try to understand more about your blockages , about your beliefs, ask yourself questions, and take a journey to discover your inner truths.

Turn down the volume of your mindto really feel things and connect to your soul’s path.

You often hear several voices whispering in your ear. The softest and most encouraging voice is that of your soul.

The one that judges you and blames you is your ego.

Learn to silence your ego in order to listen and see with greater depth.

Nourish yourself with your love of learning, in the area of your choice, and which is connected to what you love.

Feel this energy revitalising your entire body and inspiring every one of your cells. Then you will know that you are on the path of your soul.

Change your habits and the electromagnetic fields that are in your mind every day.

Free yourself of repetitive habits which create neural pathways that constantly send you back to the same emotions and moods.

Connect to your being and to unified fields.

See all of the possibilities that open up to you and open different fields of consciousness.

There is no question of chance, everything is connected and linked.

See life’s synchronicities.

See and ponder the signs that are sent to you.

Meditate, meditate, meditate.

For a small stretch of time and then more and more, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, half an hour, then 1 hour per day.

Open up your consciousness to the world, to your world and the world that surrounds you.

Comfort your mind and see your divine wisdom linked to the wisdom of the universe.

Guides will accompany you. Call on them according to your beliefs, be they your dearly departed, angels, archangels, etc. “Ask and you shall receive”.

See the subtle connections surrounding you.

Put your consciousness above your body and above your mind.

Feel how strongly you are connected to the universe, to everything around you.

Control your thoughts and control your mind!

 Ajna is connected to your subtle body which manages your consciousness and subconscious.

You enter into timelessness.

See clearly and show good judgement

Achieve your individual consciousness, cosmic consciousness, and spiritual consciousness.

See beyond and understand!

Wear indigo and eat food of the same colour.

Turn your eyes to the right, to the left, then up and down.

Ponder, look at, and listen to what’s happening around you.

See the beauty of the world and connect to it by feeling this link that unites us.

Your wisdom is immense so connect yourself to it.

Imagine what you desire and visualise it in your inner self. Imagine what you’ve already obtained and feel the fulfilment that comes from this satisfaction.

Make your whole being vibrate in the faith and confidence of making your biggest dreams a reality.

You already know EVERYTHING.

Take charge of your power!

You are guided all along your path, so listen to and see the messages that are presented to you. 

Breathe deeply and place your attention between your eyebrows.

Imagine a new eye between your eyebrows and open it WIDE.  

Do you need help balancing your Ajna chakra?