Root chakra: discover it and learn how to awaken it first of your seven chakras

The root or Muladhara chakra: connect yourself to the earth


Chakras are energy centres that we all have in our bodies.

They interact withour physicalmental, emotionalandspiritual body.

Theroot chakra is located at the end of the coccyx on the perineum. It’s the red chakra that links you to the earth. The earth to which you belong. It is all at once your inner fireand your connection to the energy of the earth. It anchors your presence in the hereand now.

Awakening the root or Muladhara chakra enables the release of fears and feelings of insecurity and subsistence.

It helps you to rid yourself of these fears and anguishescreated in our lives, but also of intergenerational baggage that you’ve inherited.

Theroot chakra responds to your basic needs. Once opened, it offers a good and pleasant balance. Thanks to this, you will find your place of incarnation in the world by cutting yourself off from past hurts.

The mantra of the red chakra is LAM and it is associated with the earth element. 

Open the red chakra while connecting yourself to the basis of your being?

In order to achieve the balance of your root chakra, there are several methods, all based around reconnection to the earth and to the primal force.Everyone will findtheir own pathto get there but the starting point is as follows.

Feel your feet and the connection to the earthlike roots that sink into the ground to reach the centre of the earth. Dive deep within yourself while becoming aware of your breathing and letting go of all your fears. Reconnect to your energy and your instincts. Draw on your life force and on your courage. Breathe deeply and find the basis of your being and its most solid foundations.

Understand that happiness is within you

Find your own personal paths to align your root chakra

There are a number of small actions to taketo open your Mulhadara chakra. You can combine them. Create your own ritual to get back to the source of your being and vanquish your fears:

  • Breathe mindfully while rubbing your perineum;
  • Concentrate and breathe several times from the bottom of your coccyx
  • Walk barefoot, feel the ground beneath your feet;
  • Hug trees;
  • Practice the vibrations of the DO sound;
  • Do some physical activity;
  • Surround yourself with the colour red; 
  • Eat red foods (tomatoes, beets, cherries, strawberries, etc.);
  • Activate your perineum again and again;
  • Do yoga poses such as the tree, the child, or the chair;
  • Etc.

Take control of your life by aligning your first chakra

It is up to you to take responsibility for your life and to take back the power of your own existence

By opening your root chakra , you will stop thinking of yourself as a victim.

Pay attention to your instinctive connectionsand take the time to understand your parent-child relationships.

Learn to be satisfied with what you already have.

Free yourself of the suffering and painaccumulated by previous generations, by unhealthy relationships, and by energies stemming from anger. Shatter family taboos. You must alsobecome aware of errors that are being repeated. Certain habits take root in our lives without us even noticing. Leave behind hurt from the past which stops you from moving on and healing. Leave behind what you no longer want. Tell yourself to STOP and regain awareness of the power of your emotions and of your state of being. You are the master of your own mind!

Concentrate on the power of love and the power of your being. Recognise your inner light and stay anchored.

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